Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hubby's lightbulb moment

My husband always listened to my "stories" half heartedly until he had his own ghostly encounter. He was scheduled to go away on a fishing trip with his club and it was the day after we had buried his mother. He was torn as to whether to still go or not. Everyone convinced him his mom would have wanted him to still go so he did. On the very first night at the campgrounds he awoke and had to walk over to the latrine area. He gathered the flashlight and proceeded walking down the path through the woods when he suddenly heard someone calling his name. Of course you know who it was, his mother! He didn't hear her say anything else, she just called his name several times. He was sort of scared but knew it was his mother just acknowleding she was still with him. From that moment he never teased me about my "stories". In fact, he started paying even more attention to the things going on around him and couldn't quite believe some of the things he began to experience. I'll tell more of those stories throughout the blog. Share with us your changing moment.

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