Friday, July 24, 2009


Can't wait to see this Friday's show! Hope its as good as last weeks! I only wish they'd stop putting the shows back to back as repeats and that one guy learns to stop hollering DUDE every time he gets a chill or hears a creak!

Catch the show on the Travel Channel at 9PM and 10PM and I think again at 1 or 2 am.

GHI International returns for the summer season

WOW! Last weeks show was a bust but this week....OUTSTANDING! Finally some activity that we could hear, really well! When Investigator Chin sat down in that "Devil's Chair" I said to myself, "OH HELL NO!" I'd never take that risk, what if??? You hear about attachments all the time and I certainly wouldn't have wanted THAT to come home with me. Which make me think of something else. I wonder if they ( the investigators ) say any protection prayers or have any rituals to protect them from harm before they begin any investigation? I think I would, every time!

Well, the show had many interesting moments and hope to see some more real soon!